People are often surprised how simple it is to become a successful real estate agent in Arkansas. In as little as 90 days, you could have an Arkansas Real Estate License. Follow our easy 4 step guide to learn how to sell real estate in Arkansas.

Become an Agent – 4 Steps

1. Age Requirement

Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. For those over 18, but without a GED or diploma, here’s a great GED resource to get you started.

2. Real Estate Education Requirements

Before you can apply to take the Arkansas Real Estate Exam, you must enroll in and complete an AREC-approved 60-hour Pre-Sales License Course. The pre licensing course must include at least 60 hours, and must be from a school or online provider approved by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Your certificate of completion is necessary to apply to take the test. The education you get from the course should prepare you for the test. Also, we’ve found that taking practice tests is extremely helpful.

3. Pass the Test

Real Estate Schools should help you to apply for the exam. This includes:

  • Complete Application for Real Estate License Examination
  • Complete fingerprint card
  • $50 application fee
  • $22 Arkansas criminal background check fee
  • $13 FBI criminal background check fee
    *All fees ($85 total) must be submitted in the form of a money order or cashier’s check.
  • Provide an official transcript or original certificate(s) indicating successful completion of the required education.

Once you’ve submitted the application, you’ll receive a Certificate of Examination Eligibility issued by AREC (Arkansas Real Estate Commission). As soon as you receive this certificate you can make a reservation to take the test through Pearson Vue, the testing service.

On test day, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes early for check-in. Once the test is over, keep the score report and give it to your selected Principal Broker/Brokerage/Firm. DO NOT lose it, because it’s very difficult to get a new report. You’ll need this to complete your license application. We recommend you make a copy of the application before submitting it and make a copy of your score report before turning it into the AREC.

4. Submit Your Score Report

Your new Broker should help you with this final step. You’ll need to submit the full score report from your exam, a license fee of $50, a recovery fund fee of $25, and a signed post license requirement notice. Furthermore, this must all be submitted within ninety (90) days of the examination date, otherwise you’ll have to pass the test again. Your valid report will expire in 90 days without exception. Keep in mind that no one is notified when you pass the test until you submit it to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.

Congratulations! You’ve completed all four steps. You are on your way to a new career as a Licensed Real Estate Agent for the state of Arkansas.

What Comes Next?

Post-License Education

Now that you have your active real estate sales license, you’ll need to enroll in an 18-hour Post License course for agents. The State requires that all new agents complete this course within 6 months of being licensed. Failure to complete in 6 months will INACTIVATE your license.

Continuing Education

All agents and brokers are required to complete seven (7) hours of continuing education every year to renew their license. This is different than the Post-License requirement listed above and are not interchangeable. The Arkansas Real Estate Commission will determined the required elements of the Continuing Education.

Become a Broker

As an agent, you’ll be required to work under a principal broker/brokerage for the first two years. As a future leader in the industry, you might wish to get your broker’s license. This is a great way to advance your real estate career and develop professionally.

Why Choose National?

At the National School of Real Estate, we go beyond basic exam preparation. Our instructors create an engaging, interactive environment that gets students involved. We encourage questions and discussion. When it comes time to apply for the exam, we make it easy for you. Additionally, we’ll assist in sending all the required fingerprints and forms, so that all you have to do is focus on the test and reserve your date online.
We are here from beginning to end. This means that we will help you plan a timeline for success and help you prepare for the milestones you need . Likewise, we are prepared to be your partner from the 60 hour pre-sales course, through the 18 post sales course, and into your first 7 hour Continuing Education. Then we’ll be here for your next steps to grow your skills throughout your career. Your success is our success!

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