The National School of Real Estate stands the test of time

At the National School of Real Estate, we are dedicated to our students and real estate professionals. We pride ourselves on our dedication to offer the best real estate education in Arkansas.


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Real Estate Education is our Passion

Looking to learn about Real Estate? Need a school who cares about you ?

Then you have come to the right place. The National School of Real Estate offers the  real life down to earth Real Estate courses that will positively effect your life and career. Whether you’re looking to Become an Agent, Become a Broker,  fulfil your Continued Education requirements, or be a better consumer, this is the place.

We offer a professional, pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and utilize quality instructors who truly want to help you advance with your real estate goals. 

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Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced professionals. We design and build each course around the instructor’s expertise to bring you the best possible learning opportunity. They bring real-world lessons from their own careers in order to prepare you for any challenges. We’ll prepare you for more than just the Real Estate License Exam. Our goal is to make sure you’re ready for the career that follows.
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NSRE supports an ongoing real estate education for the life cycle of the real estate professional. 

Pre-License Education Coursesfor both Agents and Brokers

Post-License Courses for both Agents and Brokers.

We  offer Continued Education over a wide range of topics.

We have professional development classes to make you more effective on the details of our professionl. Details like how to use the MLS, write sales scripts, practice presentations and advanced contract simulations.

All course materials are provided.


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We have a high exam pass rate because we:

  • Employ experienced instructors and encourage class participation rather than canned lectures or outdated video tapes.
  • Provide clear and concise information for your study and review.
  • Offer flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Monitor your progress through sample testing and class discussion.
  • Take a personal interest in assisting you to pass the state examination.

We Are Responsive


Concise Information

Multiple Learning Opportunities


Flexible Hours


Experienced Instructors


What makes us different?

Unique Approach

At the National School of Real Estate we incorporate practical tactics and socially relevant topics to create a well rounded curricula for our students. Our real estate classes are designed to engage you. We make you think about what you’re learning so that you can apply your knowledge down the road. You’ll be shown real-world scenarios because that’s what we’re preparing you for. We prepare you for more than just the exam. We equip you for a career.

Decades of Experience

NSRE has been offering real world education for more than 30 years. Our evolution from our founding to today provides the solid foundation to prepare our students for the Arkansas Real Estate exam and successful professional careers.