60 Hour Pre-License Broker Course

  This AREC-approved course is designed to fully prepare you for the next step in your Real Estate Career -The Arkansas Real Estate Broker’s Exam. 

This course will undoubtedly make you a better Agent.  You will understand what is expected of  you and your Broker. Being a better agent directly translates to your financial and professional advancement and satisfaction.

There is NO better time to get this education than is the building phase your career. Time is precious in real estate, spend it wisely. The more work you do upfront the more success you will enjoy!

Not sure about the whole Broker life?

No worries. The course is valid for 36 months from the date of completion with respect to applying for the Broker exam. (The knowledge never expires)

We recommend that you test and become an AB (Associate Broker). After that you can discuss how much or when you want to take on more responsibility with your broker.

Be prepared for opportunity. Don’t make it knock twice.

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Keys Points and Next Steps

*Courses approved by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.

This 60 Hour course comprises 45 hours of the AREC required broker content and 15 hours dedicated to test preparation, all designed to pass the Arkansas Brokers Exam. The course offers a comprehensive overview of the necessary vocabulary, terminology ideology, basic mathematical skills, contracts, insurance, appraising, and finance.  We dedicate modules to Arkansas License Law.

Different than other schools, National requires a field trip to watch the AREC hearing /  business meeting. The AREC has added a  ZOOM option. When a field trip is not possible we have an archieved meeting to view.

National provides the necessary all course and review material, acknowledgements (notary) and  hands on time to fill out the broker experience form(s) required by the AREC.

All you need to do is b ring a WIFI enabled device for quizzes and online participation (you will have some online homework too)

You are the best asset you have. Let us help you use it!


Scheduling Options


  1. Weekday : Monday – Friday, plus the following Monday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for a total of 6 sessions.
  2. Weekend : Saturday – Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for three consecutive weekends (Limited. Check Schedule for updates)

It is possible to combine weekdays and weekends to ensure you get the right number of hours (60) and the right number of days (6).

We offer desitination training as well  in office training so that PB’s can experience the training with agents.

If you need a little more flexibility just Call Text or Email us. Our goal is your success.

Pricing Options

$525.00* is all it takes advance your career. 

 We require a $100.00 NONREFUNDABLE deposit to secure your spot in class.

DON’T PANIC.. if you have to change class, we will keep your deposit open for when ever you are ready for class. We know life happens. 

PayPal is our payment processor. You DO NOT NEED a PayPal account. The directions to use a debit or credit card are below.

Cash? Just call text or email us and we will make arrangements.

Talk to us.. We want to be your school.

*(Private and Desitination class prices may vary on enrollment)

How to Enroll

  1. Look below. 
  2. Classes are listed as they are offered. Weekday or Weekend.
  3. Choose one.
  4. A calendar will appear
  5. Choose a DATE that is in BOLD. (e.g., Saturday, January 7 th . Then class starts on that Saturday and the (3) three consecutive weekends e.g., Monday January 9th, Then class starts Monday thru Friday and the next Monday) *
  6. Continue to the registration. What you use here is the contact information for emails and reminder texts.
  7. Pay in full or Pay the nonrefundable deposit.

*Any difference in days will be noted in the registration

Passed the Exam, Now What?

Congratulations! Now you’re ready to submit your paperwork and promote yourself to broker.  Regardless of your Broker Designation,within 6 months  after activating your  license,  you’ll be required to complete the 30-Hour Post-License Course

Continuing Education. . After that, you’ll need at least 7 hours per year. We have a variety of AREC-approved continuing education courses available to make sure you continue to meet your license requirements.

Just like Steve Rogers (Captain America) says to Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) … “I’m with you ’til the end of the line.”

Please contact us if you have any issues, questions, or concerns with registration / enrollment.